Under $600.00
Bows in this price range are generally made from pernambuco and are trimmed with nickel-silver.  Bow artists in this price range include Guy Jeandel, Alfred Knoll, and Emile Rameau along with some Brazilian makers such as R. Fracalossi, Andre Werlong and Jose Bottoni.

We offer durable carbon fiber bows from Arcos Brazil and the Coda Prodigy bow at very affordable prices

Here you will find pernambuco bows with silver trimmings made by some of the same Brazilian artists of lower priced bows, but using select bow wood.  We have bows available by Marco Raposo, T. Chagas, and other makers from around the world. 

Some of the carbon fiber bows in this price range include the Coda diamond SX and GX.

Other Bows:

We have a selection of bows made from premium quality pernambuco with decorative features or modeled after French masters.  Some German bows include Gotthard Schuster and Richard Grunke.

Also of interest are the carbon fiber ARCUS bows. Though light, these bows draw an impressive sound.