Instrument Rental Program

Terry Carlin Violins offers violin, viola and cello rentals in all sizes. Most of our rental instruments are Eastman models and are set up with Dominant strings. Rental outfits include the instrument, bow, and case. A variety of accessories, such as shoulder rests and rosin are available for purchase in our shop.

The minimum rental is three months. Our rental program offers Graduated Sizes, a Maintenance Option, and an Equity/Purchase Plan. All rentals are billed in three month increments and must be paid in advance. When a student outgrows their current instrument, it can be exchanged for a larger size at any time at no extra charge.





PRICES / 3 MONTHS          MAINTENANCE (optional)

VIOLIN: $45.00                                  $7.50 

VIOLA: $50.00                                    $9.00

CELLO: $90.00                                  $18.00                                                                                                                                                    

Renter Responsibility

Until the instrument is returned, the renter will be responsible for the care and safety of our instrument. Should theft or accidental damages occur (reasonable wear excepted), the renter will be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement of the instrument. This does not include damage caused by storage in the trunk of a car, or theft from an unattended vehicle. Our shop must authorize all repairs! Terry Carlin Violins accepts the above liability if the renter purchases our optional Maintenance Program.


Maintenance Program Option

The maintenance program covers the repair and replacement of the rental instrument due to normal wear and use, accidental damage, and theft, and includes the replacement of broken strings, bridge, tailpiece, pegs, and fingerboard. Our maintenance program does not cover bow rehairs, lost or intentionally damages to instruments, instruments damaged because of storage in a vehicle trunk, instruments stolen from an unattended vehicle, shipping costs, or damages incurred during shipping.


Equity Purchase Plan

If the renter wishes to eventually purchase an instrument from our shop, our equity/purchase plan will help cover some of the cost! We will apply 100% of all paid rental fees towards the purchase of the rental instrument. The rental equity can be applied to the purchase of any other instrument in the shop for up to 50% of the value of the purchased instrument.  Equity must be used within 90 days after the close of the rental account or it will be forfeited.