Cello bows by Rodney Mohr

Cello bows by Rodney Mohr


Under $1,000.00
We have a selection of pernambuco wood bows with nickel-silver trimming that are made by individual artists in Brazil. These include Schaeffer,  A. Carvalho, and D. Muniz.

We also have a number of unlabeled German bows in this price range.

If you are looking for carbon fiber bows, we have the Arcos Brazil carbon fiber, and Coda bows ranging from the Prodigy to the Diamond GX.

Over $1,000.00
We offer Brazilian bows made from select pernambuco wood with silver trimmings.  These artists include C. Chagas, Manoel Francisco, Juliano Oliveira, Egidius Dorfler, D. Muniz, and A. Carvalho.

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